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Brigitte Macron and Emmanuel Macron in front of a gray sky

Brigitte Macron and the Dissolution

Since June 9, the date of Emmanuel Macron‘s decision to dissolve the National Assembly, Brigitte Macron has become more reserved. Affected by the betrayal of

Louis Bozon at France Inter

Media Man Louis Bozon Leaves Us

Louis Bozon, known for being the voice of the Jeu des 1.000 francs and later the Jeu des 1.000 euros on France Inter, has passed

Charline Vanhoenacker smiling on a TV set

Charline Vanhoenacker in Danger?

The show Le grand dimanche soir will not return in the fall, marking the end of an era for the media personality Charline Vanhoenacker. From

Carla Bruni in front of a court

Gravely Ill, Carla Bruni Is Under Investigation

In 2020, Ziad Takieddine withdrew his testimony accusing Nicolas Sarkozy of financing his 2007 presidential campaign with Libyan funds. The judiciary is investigating this reversal,

Sophie Marceau is wearing a blue blouse in front of a sky-colored background

Sophie Marceau Relieved

This Sunday, July 7, 2024, the second round of the early legislative elections crowned the New Popular Front, relegating the National Rally to the background.

Babette de Rozières in tears

The Miseries of Babette de Rozières

Babette de Rozières, the 77-year-old Creole chef who seemed omnipresent on the late France Ô channel (France TV subsidiary), desperately attempted yet another political comeback