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Sophie Marceau: An Artist on Several Fronts

Sophie Marceau lying on a sofa

Sophie Marceau, famous from the age of 13, continues to reinvent herself. Actress, director, and even writer, she is now back on stage. She and François Berléand recently shone in La Note (The Note in French) at the Théâtre des Bouffes Parisiens, a sold-out show.

François Berléand describes her as "incredibly normal" despite her fame. Their play, which explores love and the wear and tear of a couple, will go on tour in France in 2025. Sophie always admits to feeling nervous before going on stage. However, this feeling has turned into critical and popular triumph.

Sophie Marceau, at 57 years old, still sports the haircut of her younger years, a short bob with bangs. This closeness to her beginnings makes her almost a family member for many French people. She continues to defend important causes, such as the climate and women’s rights. However, she always stays away from direct politics.

She has openly criticized illustrious figures like Gérard Depardieu and Maurice Pialat. She denounced their dubious behavior, praising the courage of her colleagues actresses who, today, finally dare to speak out.

Her son, Vincent Zulawski, son of the famous deceased filmmaker, continues in creation by publishing collections of poems. Sophie Marceau, a devoted mother, supports her children and their aspirations, always ready to "soften manners" with poetry.

She eagerly anticipates her return to the theater, although it requires a strict routine. For Sophie Marceau, the theater represents a joy that once again underlines her "normal" approach to life, despite an extraordinary existence.