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When Ségolène Royal Tries Her Hand at Parody

Ségolène Royal makes the Jul sign on BFMTV

The former French minister Ségolène Royal offered an unexpected moment during her appearance on BFMTV (a French news broadcast television) this Wednesday, April 17. In front of an embarrassed audience, she recited the lyrics of the famous Marseille rapper Jul, notably his hit Bande Organisée.

In a relaxed atmosphere, with music in the background, Ségolène Royal did not hesitate to make the Jul sign, an emblematic gesture of joining hands in the shape of a gun towards the sky. Shortly after, Christophe Barbier, also present on the set, continued the song, adding to the general astonishment.

The sequence, captured and broadcast on social networks, provoked a wave of reactions. Many internet users found the moment embarrassing, expressing “cringes of embarrassment”. Others appreciated this more relaxed side of the former socialist presidential candidate.

Excerpt of Ségolène Royal making the Jul sign on the BFMTV set on X (formerly Twitter)

Perrine Storme, the show’s host, expressed her enthusiasm for this performance: “I love it. I lost my microphone… I’m asking for the featuring Ségolène Royal and Jul. We need to organize this,” she joked.

This moment shows a less formal side of politics, where music and popular culture meet for the better… Or the worse.