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Mylène Farmer Breaks the Silence

The singer Mylène Farmer on stage

Mylène Farmer, famous French singer, recently gave a rare interview to the press. This exclusive marks forty years of an exceptional career. Known for her discreet appearances, Farmer chose an intimate setting for this interview. Between Normandy beaches and a villa facing the sea, she reminds us of the famous shots of the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe.

She discussed the ups and downs of her career, admitting to keeping the most difficult moments to herself.

Her latest album, Remix XL, is a compilation of her greatest hits revisited by eminent DJs. It notably includes a significant collaboration with the famous director David Lynch. This project illustrates her desire to reinvent herself and reach new generations, as evidenced by the success of the Désenchantée remix by Feder in clubs.

Mylène Farmer’s commitment to humanitarian causes is also highlighted. The singer notably lent her voice to the latest Sidaction campaign.

The book Sociologie de Mylène Farmer (Sociology of Mylène Farmer in French) also explores the unique relationship she has with her audience. The authors highlight the deep connection between Farmer and her fans, who see her as an unparalleled icon.

Mylène Farmer is preparing her return to the stage with the Never-more 2023 tour, postponed to 2024 due to unforeseen constraints. This series of concerts promises new surprises and demonstrates her perpetual resilience in the face of challenges.

The superstar finally shares some aspects of her life, from her hobbies to her attachment to solitude. Her next appointment with the public is set for the end of September at the Stadium of France. This event is eagerly awaited by her admirers who are more loyal than ever.