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French actress Anne Parillaud Has Forgiven Alain Delon

Anne Parillaud in front of a sunset

French actress Anne Parillaud was recently a guest on Léa Salamé’s show Quelle Époque ! (What a time! in French) on France 2. She promoted Annick Cojean’s play, I wouldn’t have gotten here, if…, while sharing personal aspects of her life, notably her past relationship with Alain Delon.

Between 1981 and 1986, the actress had a tumultuous love affair with Delon. "It was complicated at the beginning," she confides, referring to the way Delon often belittled her. This experience increased her shyness, a repetitive pattern influenced by her childhood.

Parillaud’s account is not limited to their breakup; she also describes the unexpected reconciliation that followed several years later. "He called me and it was him who reestablished the connection," she reveals. This reconnection occurred after Nikita, six years after her César win. "He told me: sorry, I have to admit, and I’m telling you today, you are a very great actress". These words had a significant impact on the actress.

Parillaud also touched on the feud between Delon’s children. "Parents shape their children. If his children act this way, he surely also, inevitably, has a responsibility," she analyzed, alluding to the conflicts between Anouchka, Anthony and Alain-Fabien Delon.