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The Johnny Hallyday Dynasty Continues with Cameron

Johnny Hallyday in a studio

David Hallyday, who has been celebrating his father’s musical legacy Johnny Hallyday for decades, is launching a revisited version of Sang pour sang (Blood for Blood in French), a 1999 classic. This time, he shares the spotlight with his son, Cameron Smet, revealing a striking resemblance to the famous rocker.

After years away from the spotlight, Cameron finally reveals himself to the general public, unveiling a face with features similar to those of his legendary grandfather. In the clip, father and son exchange deep looks and embraces. These touching moments are reminiscent of the original duo between David and Johnny.

The new clip, released on April 24, features the duo in an intimate setting, reconnecting with the decor of a billiard room. Directed by Guillaume Durand, the clip perfectly captures the spirit of the song while adding a modern touch thanks to Cameron’s presence.

David Hallyday & Johnny Hallyday – Blood for Blood (Official Clip)

This collaboration between David and his son can be seen as a passing of the torch to the next generation.