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The Fears of Omar Sy

The actor Omar Sy and his wife

Omar Sy recently co-wrote the book Viens on se parle (Let’s Talk in French) with journalist Elsa Vigoureux. During the presentation of this book, the actor expressed his personal concern about the rise of far-right ideologies and individualism in France. He took advantage of his appearance on the Quotidien show hosted by Yann Barthès to criticize the lack of values in today’s society.

Omar Sy speaks out about the rise of the far right in France on the Quotidien show (@julienbellver via X – formerly Twitter)

He warned against people who spread hate and try to resurrect a “France of the past”, alluding to those who led the country into dark periods in the past. Sy stressed the importance of collective vigilance.

The actor, who has also worked in Hollywood, also called for shared responsibility. He criticizes the current trend of individuals, including in politics, to talk only about their own problems, forgetting, in his opinion, the interest of the group.

Omar Sy wanted to advocate for a return to solidarity and conviviality. He even encourages to “redo recess” and to “hold hands”, in a call for unity and cooperation. These comments come just before the European elections. The actor has already received wide support from mostly left-wing political figures. Not sure everyone will like it…