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Vittoria of Carignan: A Princess with a Future

The Princess Vittoria of Savoy against a sky background

The princess, aged 20, has shared her thoughts and passions in the press. Daughter of Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and French actress Clotilde Courau, the young Vittoria of Carignan was born at the end of 2003 in Geneva. She is aware of the importance of her heritage. Her father also shares his pride and admiration for his daughter’s choices and commitments.

The one who also holds the title of Marquise of Ivrée expresses her admiration for the world of fashion, which she sees as a form of personal and creative expression. "It’s a way to convey one’s sense of style," she confides, evoking fashion as a tool that allows her to define her identity.

Recently returned to Paris after studying in London, Vittoria is now fully dedicated to the arts. She is considering a career as a gallery owner and actress. She continues her studies in cultural business management and drama, drawing from the artistic environment of the capital.

In an era marked by social networks, Vittoria adopts a thoughtful approach. She uses the platforms to highlight the works that fascinate her. Her aspirations paint the portrait of a young woman who wants to embrace the opportunities of her time, while remaining true to her noble roots.