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Françoise Hardy Ill for Her 80th Birthday

Françoise Hardy, French icon of the 60s

Françoise Hardy, a French singer who needs no introduction, celebrates her 80th birthday on January 17th under painful circumstances. Suffering from lymphatic system cancer and pharynx cancer, she opens up to the newspaper Le Parisien. She describes her difficult journey and her reflections on life and death.

Françoise Hardy’s health condition is worrying. After undergoing numerous radiotherapies, she is now severely weakened, faced with constant pain and severe physical limitations. Her interactions with the outside world are mainly limited to email correspondences. The disease has forced her to stay in her Parisian apartment.

A small circle of visitors, including her son Thomas Dutronc, continues to support her in these difficult times. However, the number of people who can visit her is gradually decreasing…

The question of euthanasia has become a central issue for Françoise Hardy. In an open letter addressed to Emmanuel Macron, she expressed her desire to die with dignity. Even though she worries about the consequences of her absence for her husband Jacques Dutronc and their son Thomas.

For her 80th birthday, there are no festivities, as the treatments have greatly impaired her ability to celebrate. Jacques Dutronc, although physically absent, remains in close contact with her through daily messages.

Regarding tributes, a concert dedicated to her songs is planned at Radio France on January 28. Françoise Hardy welcomes this initiative with gratitude, while believing that such a tribute would be more appropriate after her passing.

In summary, Françoise Hardy is going through a very difficult period. Yet, she faces her disease with determination. Moreover, she is conducting a deep reflection on existence. Her fight against cancer is particularly courageous. Her dignity in end-of-life is remarkable.