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Euthanasia: Françoise Hardy Calls Emmanuel Macron for Help!

Françoise Hardy still ranks among the favorite personalities of the French

Françoise Hardy has directly addressed the President of the Republic on the sensitive issue of end-of-life care. In an open letter published in La Tribune, the 80-year-old artist, who is suffering from pharyngeal cancer, expresses her desire to see euthanasia legalized in France.

This move follows her revelations to Paris Match, where she confessed her wish for a "quick" end to her suffering. Hardy, in her letter, shares her own struggles with cancer, describing her situation as a "nightmare". She talks about her inability to read or watch television, simple pleasures now inaccessible due to her condition.

She highlights the suffering of other patients she has met in the clinic, all expressing the wish for a legalization of euthanasia to end unbearable pain.

This poignant message resonates in a context where the debate on end-of-life care in France is more relevant than ever. The Minister Delegate for Health Professions, Agnès Firmin Le Bodo, announced that the bill on end-of-life care should be presented in February 2024.

The artistic journey of Françoise Hardy, from her first album in 1962 to Personne d’autre in 2018, testifies to her contribution to French popular culture. A book published last November by Stéphane Deschamps offers a retrospective of her career, enriched with photographs and anecdotes about her songs.