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Meghan Markle: Depression on the Horizon?

Meghan Markle, the former actress, seems to be shunned by the royalty and the entertainment world to which she belonged

Meghan Markle is facing setbacks in her attempt to relaunch her career in Hollywood. Former star of the series Suits), her ambitious plans for 2024 seem to be encountering unexpected obstacles.

Initially signed with WME, a renowned agency, Meghan saw her name disappear from their site, raising questions about the status of their collaboration. Her recent efforts to secure roles in the industry have been limited to a commercial appearance.

Following this disappointment, her contract was taken over by Harry Walker Agency, specializing in conferences. Here too, Meghan is not among the priorities, overshadowed by personalities such as former British government leader Boris Johnson.

Her partnership with Spotify also abruptly ended last year. Her podcast, Archetypes, did not achieve the expected success. The project of her memoirs seems increasingly uncertain. Publishers, eager to see excerpts, are met with Meghan’s reluctance to follow the common editorial procedures in the sector.

The Duchess of Sussex thus sees her Hollywood ambitions fading. Her increasing isolation is also evident in her relationships with former Suits colleagues, with rumors of being excluded from a WhatsApp group. At the recent Golden Globes, Meghan’s absence, whose wardrobe expenses have never been as high as in 2023 according to tabloids, raised questions while her former Suits partners were there.

This situation fuels speculation about a possible return to England with Prince Harry as they are very unpopular there according to polls. However, uncertainties remain about their future in the United Kingdom and their relations with the royal family, notably King Charles III.