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Rachida Dati Supports Macron on the Depardieu Affair

Appointed as Keeper of the Seals 17 years ago by Sarkozy, Rachida Dati is now Macron's Minister of Culture

The Gérard Depardieu case continues to provoke reactions. Rachida Dati, the new Minister of Culture, expressed her agreement with Emmanuel Macron’s recent statements on RTL this Wednesday, January 17. The President defended the actor’s presumption of innocence, despite the numerous accusations of sexual violence against him.

"I have no regrets about defending the presumption of innocence," Emmanuel Macron stated at a press conference, reiterating his support for Depardieu. This statement follows a heated debate sparked by his initial comments on the case during his appearance on the C à vous show on France 5.

Rachida Dati reinforced this position, highlighting "the importance of the presumption of innocence". She discussed the role of justice and the impact of allegations on public opinion, due to Depardieu’s iconic stature. "He is a great actor, a great talent," she added, while emphasizing the importance of women’s voices.

The Depardieu case, which gained momentum following the broadcast of the documentary Complément d’enquête on France 2, divides public opinion and the artistic world. More than 50 personalities have signed a column supporting the actor, denouncing a "lynching". To date, many have regretted their signature on this controversial column.

In the latest news, according to a poll conducted for YouGov at the request of the Le HuffPost website, the majority of French people would not condemn the actor who has not appeared before any court following these accusations.