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Controversy and Tense Atmosphere Behind the Scenes of Dancing with the Stars

Natasha St-Pier getting her makeup done backstage at Dancing with the Stars

The thirteenth season of Dancing with the Stars kicked off on February 16th on TF1. This season promised a memorable edition with renowned participants such as James Denton, Diane Leyre, Cristina Cordula, Natasha St-Pier, and Inès Reg. However, a clash between Natasha St-Pier and Inès Reg quickly overshadowed the performances, creating a tense atmosphere.

During the last prime, the situation worsened when Inès Reg suffered a malaise. She was forced to withdraw. Despite this, the show’s rules allowed her to qualify for the next prime. This decision sparked heated debates on social media.

Revelations from an anonymous source to Le Parisien have laid bare the toxic atmosphere backstage. According to this source, the constant pressure and tensions are moving the show away from its usual friendly atmosphere. The dancers and technical team are at their wits’ end to the point that the atmosphere is described as "really rotten".

This season is therefore distinguished not only by its star-studded cast, but also by the controversies surrounding its progress. It remains to be seen how this situation will evolve in the coming weeks.