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Is Anthony Colette the Favorite of DWTS?

The famous dancer from the show Dancing with the Stars, Anthony Colette, against a backdrop of sky

In the whirlwind of controversy surrounding DWTS, Anthony Colette finally retaliates against the accusations launched by Inès Reg on social media. The latter implicated Natasha St-Pier and her dancer Anthony Colette in a conflict dating back to January. Refuting the allegations, Anthony Colette explained that he had filed a report in response to the insults and threats received.

This affair has divided the participants and fans of the show. However, dancers have rallied around Anthony Colette, victim of a wave of hatred. Figures from the show such as Maxime Dereymez, Candice Pascal and Jordan Mouillerac have defended the dancer in Instagram stories, describing him as a respectful and pleasant person, contrary to the malicious accusations against him.

Maxime Dereymez expressed his indignation at the criticisms, reminding of the positive values carried by the show. Candice Pascal, for her part, highlighted the importance of knowing everyone’s versions before making a judgment. She also reminded that the dancer would be bound by a confidentiality clause that would prevent him from fully expressing himself on the matter.

Jordan Mouillerac, present at the time of the events, affirmed his unconditional support for Anthony Colette. Christian Millette also backed this support, convinced that the truth will eventually come out.

Faced with these testimonies of solidarity, Anthony Colette remains confident. "When you know the truth, you will understand," he declared. This promises an outcome to this contentious affair that is shaking TF1, Europe’s leading channel through its famous show.