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Natasha St-Pier and Inès Reg: A Game of Queens Away from the Spotlight

Natasha St-Pier in Dancing with the Stars

A controversy involving comedian Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier is shaking up the set of Dancing with the Stars. The conflict, which began in late January due to music deemed too loud during rehearsals, escalated into a serious verbal altercation.

Inès Reg denied in an Instagram story any death threats towards Natasha St-Pier, contrary to rumors. She claims to have been called a "little b…" by the singer, an insult that allegedly led to a physical altercation.

This affair has taken a complex turn, involving prejudices and racist insults from some internet users. Inès Reg, of Algerian origin and living in the 93, has highlighted the discriminatory stereotypes she faces. Fearing for their safety, the Canadian singer and her dancer Anthony Colette have filed a police report. According to Inès Reg, this decision would be fueled by prejudices related to the origins of her entourage.

Furthermore, Natasha St-Pier apologized in a message, arguing that her words were meant to be taken humorously. Madame Reg rejected this explanation and also assured that she gets along well with Keiona, the drag queen winner of the show Drag Race France, contrary to rumors.

Inès Reg, however, expressed her wish to close this controversy. She wants to focus on the positive aspects of Dancing with the Stars, which she describes as a "real family".