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Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier: Their Rivalry Persists

Inès Reg on the left and Natasha St-Pier on the right on a black background separated by lightning

Just three days after the finale of the French Dancing with the Stars, the conflict between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier remains topical. Invited on the set of Quotidien (Daily in French) this Monday, Inès Reg shared her feelings following her defeat against the Quebec singer, who won the contest.

According to Inès, her altercation with Natasha during the filming was not without consequence on the results of the contest. She suspects Natasha of having deliberately fueled this controversy to influence the outcome of the competition. She explains: "It’s certain that Natasha was very intelligent, that she wanted to win, that she said to herself, it will work like this, it will make noise".

In parallel, Natasha St-Pier was the guest of the show Touche pas à mon poste (Don’t Touch My TV Set! in French) on C8, where she denied any premeditation and expressed her sadness at the accusations made against her. She notably reacted to Inès’ statements, describing the accusations as "serious and dangerous".

This media exchange shows that despite the end of the contest, the tensions between the two artists have not subsided, still fueling discussions and debates around their personalities and strategies during the famous contest.