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Alain Delon Sues His Son Anthony in Court

The legendary actor, whom his son claims is senile, is going to sue the latter in court

The Delon family is currently embroiled in a public conflict. Alain Delon, the illustrious French actor, has decided to sue his son, Anthony Delon, for defamation. This decision follows an interview given by Anthony to Paris Match, in which he describes his father as “weakened” and announces that he has filed a report against his half-sister, Anouchka.

Anthony Delon blames Anouchka for not informing him about their father’s health condition, thus endangering the latter’s life. In response, Alain Delon, 88 years old, expressed his shock at what he considers a media circus orchestrated by his son. According to his lawyer, Alain Delon cannot stand the accusations of senility from his son.

BFMTV interviewed Maître Bedossa, presented on air as the son’s lawyer and the father’s co-lawyer

Anouchka Delon also reacted, announcing a lawsuit for defamation, slanderous denunciation, threats, and harassment against her half-brother. She describes Anthony’s remarks as “abject indecency”.

The situation worsens with Anthony Delon’s assertions on Instagram, where he accuses Anouchka of manipulating their father. He alleges that Alain Delon would have signed a statement without understanding its implications, exhausted by the conflicts.

Furthermore, the Montargis prosecutor’s office has informed that the complaints of the Delon children against Alain Delon’s companion, Hiromi Rollin, have been dismissed. These complaints concerned allegations of moral harassment and abuse of weakness.