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Already a Succession Conflict Around Alain Delon?

Even if the actor has been much less present on the big screen for several years, he still interests the French

Anthony Delon, son of French cinema icon Alain Delon, revealed in an interview with Paris Match that he has filed a report against his sister Anouchka. He accuses her of hiding their father’s worrying health condition since his cardiovascular accident in 2019.

According to Anthony, Anouchka allegedly failed to inform the family about cognitive tests undergone by Alain Delon. These tests, carried out during his stays in a Swiss clinic between 2019 and 2022, all reportedly failed, revealing significant cognitive decline. Anthony maintains that this crucial information should have been shared, highlighting their father’s vulnerability.

Furthermore, Anthony Delon expresses his concern about the involvement of Hiromi Rollin, Alain Delon’s companion for several years. Accusations of demeaning and aggressive behavior towards his father have previously been raised against her. Anthony believes that by concealing their father’s condition, Anouchka would indirectly be complicit in the abuse he suffers.

This revelation comes in an already tense family context, marked by conflicts over Alain Delon’s health and protection. Anthony Delon, clearly affected, seeks to shed light on this matter and protect his father.