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Alain Delon: His Sons Against His Daughter

Alain Delon is not done making headlines for reasons other than his film career

The Delon family is going through a tumultuous period. Alain-Fabien Delon, the youngest of the family, caused an uproar by posting on Instagram, this Sunday, January 7, a private conversation between his father, Alain Delon, and his sister Anouchka. This conversation allegedly took place during a family dinner on Friday, January 5.

In this recording, Anouchka Delon, unaware that she was being recorded, expresses her concerns to her father. She mentions feelings of betrayal and manipulation, and suggests that their father has become vulnerable. Alain-Fabien criticized this situation, pointing out their father’s weakened state and questioning Anouchka’s intentions.

Alain-Fabien’s post comes shortly after Anouchka’s appearance on the 8 pm news on TF1, where she expressed her shame at the public display of their private life. She also confirmed that she had filed a complaint against their brother Anthony for defamation. The latter had accused Anouchka of hiding their father’s distress and putting his safety at risk, as reported by Paris Match.

Anouchka Delon speaks out about the Alain Delon affair on TF1

The situation is unfortunately not about to improve within this blended family that is now known to be dysfunctional. So, the story continues…