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Christian of Denmark: A Closer Look at an Heir

Christian of Denmark, 18 years old, will very soon be the first contender for the crown of Denmark

Christian, a young prince of 18 years, is preparing to take on the role of heir to the Denmark. This development follows the abdication announcement of Queen Margrethe II on December 31, 2023. Her son, Prince Frederik, will ascend to the throne on January 14, marking a historic turning point for the Danish monarchy.

Prince Christian, first in line of succession, will experience a significant transition. He will not receive a pension until he is 21, following the policy of the Danish monarchy which limits the financial privileges of young members of the royal family. This choice may suggest a desire for modernization and accountability within the royalty.

His father’s accession to the throne will not be accompanied by a lavish coronation. Unlike the United Kingdom, Denmark does not organize a coronation ceremony. The future King Frederik will simply be proclaimed on the palace balcony by the Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen. A simple but significant ceremony, gathering the royal family, including Christian and his brothers and sisters.

Thus, the emphasis will be on the continuity and sobriety of royal transitions. Christian, like his European counterparts, will gradually adapt to his new duties. His role as crown prince will likely involve more responsibilities and public commitments, although his studies remain a priority.