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Prince Harry Now Prefers the United States to His Homeland

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are happy in Montecito, California

Prince Harry has now registered the United States as his primary residence, according to the Daily Mail. This is the first time the Duke has taken such a step since his withdrawal from the royal family.

The prince has been living on American soil for already four years with his wife and two children. Despite this choice, he maintains a strong link with the United Kingdom. He still considers the country important for his children, descendants of the current king.

Moreover, the question of the Duke acquiring American nationality raises questions. In a recent interview, he mentioned that although the idea had crossed his mind, it was not a priority. Harry will be forced to renounce his noble titles if he becomes a citizen. This prospect could be subject to legal challenges based on the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution.

Harry and his family seem to be thriving in the United States, judging by what they want to show of themselves. The couple seems to want to build their future away from the tensions of the royal family, which is very strained at the moment.