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Tensions and Accusations: Dallas at the Delons’

The descendants of Alain Delon are already tearing each other apart while the actor is still very much alive

The conflict within the Delon family is far from over, with new accusations and mutual complaints. Alain Delon, the 88-year-old cinema icon, finds himself at the center of a fratricidal struggle involving his three children.

Anthony Delon initiated hostilities by speaking out in Paris Match, accusing his sister Anouchka of lies and manipulations within the family. He also accuses her of hiding crucial medical information about their father. In response, Anouchka filed a complaint for defamation, slanderous denunciation, threats, and harassment.

The conflict escalated when Anouchka spoke on TF1’s news, a moment chosen by Alain-Fabien, the youngest of the Delons, to broadcast on Instagram a recorded conversation between Anouchka and their father. These revelations fueled accusations of undue influence over Alain Delon.

At the heart of this discord, a question of inheritance weighs heavily. Anthony Delon mentioned the testamentary distribution decided by their father, with Anouchka receiving 50% of the inheritance, while his brothers would each settle for 25%. Financial tensions exacerbated by Alain-Fabien’s difficulties and Anouchka’s lifestyle, which is also considered very unsympathetic by her neighbors in Switzerland.

Julien Dereims, Anouchka’s husband and father of her son Lino, is also seen as an unwavering supporter of his wife. The resentments and tensions among the Delon family members seem to be intensifying, making any reconciliation difficult to envision.

In the latest news, Anthony would contest the medical examination that took place on Saturday, January 13, seeing it as Anouchka’s influence.

For her part, Brigitte Bardot, Alain Delon’s eternal friend and partner in the film, declared on X: “It’s deplorable mediocrity to sully the image of Alain, a sublime icon who represents France with panache!”

Brigitte Bardot reacts to Alain Delon’s affair on X