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When Trump Is Reduced to Marketing the Bible

The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, in a church

Facing significant legal fees, the tireless former American president Donald Trump is finding unique ways to raise funds. In partnership with country singer Lee Greenwood, he is selling a unique bible for $59.99. This special edition, named God Bless The USA, includes not only the sacred texts, but also the American Constitution, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the lyrics to Lee Greenwood’s song.

In an unusual promotional move, Trump presents this bible as his favorite work. He emphasizes the importance for every American to have a bible at home. This initiative comes in a context where the former president has to face heavy legal fees and substantial fines, including a sum of $175 million pending appeal in a financial fraud case in New York.

Criticism is not lacking from the side of satirical media who openly mock this initiative. The Christian community had already expressed its discontent when the release of the bible was announced in 2021. This release had been delayed following these reactions.

Donald Trump continues to promote his product, presenting it as a way to restore faith to America. The sales of this bible do not fund his campaign, in accordance with the legal notices present on the sales site. This initiative remains yet another example of Trump’s often controversial approach to financing and communication.