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Kate Middleton Victim of the Worst Speculations About Her Health

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton against a backdrop of blue sky

On March 22, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, shared disturbing news about her health. The announcement, made through a moving video, put an end to the many speculations about her condition. Since this revelation, the focus has been on the support of her family and the nature of her illness.

Kate and Prince William have retreated to their Norfolk manor, away from the hustle and bustle. The mother can finally rest during her treatment. This gesture underlines the family unity in the face of this ordeal.

The discretion desired by the princess and her relatives is not respected, however. Belgian columnist Bertrand Deckers and, in a different vein, oncologist David Khayat speculate on two hypotheses: ovarian or colon cancer, discovered following an abdominal operation that the future king’s wife underwent in January.

These speculations remain unconfirmed by the royal family. The main person concerned prefers to keep, and understandably so, these details private.

The international solidarity around the Princess of Wales recalls that recently experienced by King Charles, who was also tested. Kate Middleton’s decision to publicly share her struggle raises a wave of sympathy for her transparency.