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Bryan Johnson: The Billionaire Who Wants to Brush with Eternity

Bryan Johnson claims he wants to live 200 years

Bryan Johnson, 46 years old, has embarked on an eternal quest for youth that involves unorthodox methods. This extraordinary journey finds its roots in a childhood marked by strict Mormon values and experiences that transformed his perception of life.

He claims to have reduced his biological age through his various treatments, with the ultimate goal of living up to 200 years. His daily routine includes taking 111 pills and a series of treatments that cost him about 2 million dollars each year. But this approach is not just personal, Johnson wants to make his discoveries accessible to everyone by setting up affordable programs.

Bryan Johnson on his quest for youth

He is currently enduring shock wave therapy on the penis, a process he describes as extremely painful but essential to his rejuvenation. Johnson, a true Dorian Gray of modern times, is not content to just look at himself, he analyzes the aging of each of his organs daily using sophisticated devices.

Beyond his personal experiences, Johnson founded Blueprint, an association aimed at compiling and testing technologies to slow down aging. Very active on social networks, he defends sometimes controversial ideas, particularly on artificial intelligence and overpopulation. After succeeding in the business world, Johnson turned away from his former life to fully devote himself to this quest for immortality.

Despite his success, his personal life remains complicated. Since his son left for university, he finds himself alone and struggles to find a companion who accepts his lifestyle that defies not only the limits of science, but also social conventions.