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The Crown Prince Frederik, Soon to be King of Denmark

After five decades of reign, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is stepping down in favor of her son Frederik, who is married to the elegant Mary

A historic turning point is on the horizon for Denmark: on January 14, Crown Prince Frederik will become Frederik X, succeeding Queen Margrethe II. This change of reign marks the end of half a century of female rule, heralding the advent of a king after 50 years.

Queen Margrethe II, an iconic figure and the oldest monarch in Europe, has chosen to abdicate exactly 52 years after her accession. She announced her decision in her New Year’s speech.

Frederik André Henrik Christian, known for his unconventional path, has often spoken about the challenges he faced during his childhood within the royal family. His military career and his love for sports have been defining elements of his personality. Nicknamed Pingo during his military training, Frederik has also shone through his participation in sporting events and extreme expeditions, such as the Copenhagen marathon and a dog sled crossing in Greenland.

Who is the future King of Denmark?

Committed to the environment, Frederik has promised to lead Denmark towards a sustainable future. He has also played a key role in the defense sector and remains active in various fields, including innovation and technology.

The Crown Prince, appreciated for his modern approach, has distinguished himself both in the education of his children and in his relaxed style. According to polls, 84% of Danes have a positive opinion of him. Despite some reluctance in public speaking, he is considered a figure very much suited to his time.

Thus, the future King Frederik is preparing to ascend the throne, carrying with him the hopes of a nation ready to embrace a era of modernity and environmental responsibility.