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Susannah Constantine, British fashion guru

Susannah Constantine, British fashion guru and best-selling author

Susannah Constantine is a well-known figure in the British fashion and media world. She rose to fame in the late 1990s as co-host of the British television show What Not To Wear, alongside Trinny Woodall. The two women have since multiplied the projects together, as we will see.

Susannah Constantine: a British fashion and media personality

Throughout her career, Susannah has made a name for herself with her singular style, which highlights classic British haute couture, such as ready-to-wear, feminine silhouettes and bright colors. She is not afraid to make a statement in her outfits and likes to mix genres with trends and vintage pieces. The key pieces of her wardrobe are fitted blazers, long skirts, flat shoes as well as high heels (stilettos). Susannah’s style is timeless, effortlessly elegant, something many women aspire to.

Star of the small screen

Susannah Constantine found success with the British with a TV program in pair with Trinny Woodall. From 2001 to 2006, they hosted several programs on the BBC about fashion. The principle is simple: participants come to fine-tune their clothing style, and Susannah and Trinny advise them. This program popularizes the profession of personal shopper. It has been a real success in terms of audience ratings and public support.

The show was so successful that in 2004 it was changed from BBC Two to BBC One. Susannah Constantine became a popular personality in the UK, an influencer, even before the beginning of influencers and the advent of social networks.

Susannah Constantine and Trinny Woodall
Susannah Constantine and Trinny Woodall

An influencer before the age of influencers

Susannah’s influence goes beyond her fashion advice. She encourages women of all ages to enhance their individual beauty and build a personal style. In short, it encourages people to feel good about themselves. With her inspiring attitude and chic clothing line, Susannah Constantine is a remarkable personality in the fashion industry.

Fashion designer

Because, strong of her popularity in the United Kingdom, Susannah Constantine decided to create her own fashion collection, with her partner Trinny Woodall. They designed a complete collection for the Littlewoods brand. More than a simple collaboration, this collection is the association between a committed brand and ambassadors who correspond to it. Indeed, Littlewoods sponsored Susannah and Trinny’s television show for a long time, before offering them the opportunity to design their own clothing.

Best-selling author

Susannah Constantine has turned her television success into books. With a book, named after his cult TV show. What Not To Wear sold over 600,000 copies, earning him one of the prestigious British Book Awards. In total, Susannah has sold over 2.5 million books to date!

Conclusion on Susannah Constantine

Whether it’s through her clothing line, her books or simply her television shows, Susannah Constantine is an iconic figure in the fashion world who has left her mark on generations of stylish women around the world. She continues to inspire with her style and valuable advice, proving that you don’t have to be young to be fashionable; and that age is not a handicap to feel good about yourself.

Finally, Susannah’s legacy will live on as she continues to spread a message of self-confidence and empowerment to all generations. Throughout her life, she has given keys to reading fashion, which allow each person to refine their style, and take better care of themselves and their appearance.