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Personal shopper: everything you need to know about this profession

Personal shopper presenting a pink item of clothing to his client

Increasingly popular, the personal shopper helps you find the perfect outfit. A master of dress codes, he finds the best items for every budget. He personally guides his customers. This article gives the definition of a personal shopper, different from a fashion shopper. We’ll look at its role for men and women. Then we’ll talk about training for this profession. Finally, we’ll discuss the impact of AI and our Ecostylia application under development.

What are personal shopper services?

Personal shopper def.

A personal shopper is a true ally for the customer. Not only does he suggest suitable outfits, he also finds the perfect gift. Always on the lookout, he scours stores and websites for the most attractive offers. It’s the key to optimizing your budget. Our constant monitoring of the latest trends enables our customers to stay at the cutting edge of fashion. It’s much more than a shopping assistant, it’s a source of invaluable advice for a look that’s always impeccable.

Functions of the personal shopper

The personal shopper offers more than just time, he also provides information on current trends. So you’ll always be at the cutting edge of the latest trends. We’ll keep you up to date with the must-have items of the moment.

They give useful advice on what to buy. And what not to buy. They are a sounding board for style choices. They offer honest appraisals. This helps customers make informed wardrobe decisions. The personal shopper also assists in the purchasing process. He often takes care of payment and delivery. So the customer doesn’t have to worry about the practicalities.

Personal shopper: a personal assistant in charge of shopping?

Traditionally, the role of the personal shopper is not very glamorous. Take Olivier Assayas’ film Personal Shopper. The heroine is a personal shopper for a star. She navigates between luxury boutiques and overflowing closets. She assists celebrities with their purchases rather than advising them.

You’d think she’d be more of an employee than a fashion expert.

In Assayas’ film, she works for an image-conscious star. This star has numerous partnerships with prestigious brands. Her role is mainly to help the star honor her contracts, not to recommend new outfits.

But there’s more to being a personal shopper than that.

Personal shopper helping her client with fittings

The personal shopper: an advisory role above all

It could be said that the personal shopper profession is particularly closely linked to the stylist profession. The fashion stylist is there to design clothes adapted to the morphology of each person.

The personal shopper doesn’t design, but selects existing garments to suit the customer. Thus, its role is closer to an image consulting agency.

Depending on your budget, the personal shopper will help you buy the clothes, shoes and accessories that suit you best. To make his choice, he will take into account your morphology, your color analysis or the personal image you want to project.

The personal shopper: saving time for busy people

The personal shopper is an asset. Useful for those looking for specific items or struggling to put together an outfit. It’s a convenient service for busy people who want to delegate their shopping.

A personal shopper makes it easy to stay on trend. No need to leave home to keep up with the latest trends. Whether you’re looking for advice or complete wardrobe assistance, it makes life easier.

Advice and shopping session with a personal shopper

A personal shopper presenting a dress and a personal shopper presenting a cardigan to their client

Let’s move on to the modern role of the personal shopper: image consultant. Let’s forget the lonely image of Assayas’ film. Cristina Cordula comes to mind. This star has revitalized the business with Les Reines du Shopping on M6.

In her show, she gives makeovers and advice. Shopping sessions are used to find the ideal pieces for customers. From model to style consultant, Cristina Cordula has become the icon of makeovers.

His show showed that personal shopper is not just for luxury. It is accessible to all. This includes makeup, hairstyling and wardrobe advice. Personal shoppers aren’t just for TV personalities.

A personal shopper is much more than a shopping guide: he or she is your personal stylist. His mission? Create a wardrobe that reflects your image. No type of garment escapes her expertise, from lingerie to down jackets. More than a dresser, he’s a true image coach.

Personal shopper for men, does it exist?

This article may lead some to believe that personal shoppers are a predominantly female profession. We often visualize a female personal shopper, a former stylist or image consultant, enhancing other women’s wardrobes.

But let’s break this stereotype. Personal shoppers are also for men. No make-up, just image coaching and non-verbal communication to boost your confidence.

A man looking to update his wardrobe can also call on the services of a personal shopper. New blazer, new jacket style, your personal shopper will guide you to find everything you need.

Why use a personal shopper?

A personal shopper is the ideal solution for those who have neither the time nor the inclination to go shopping.

He’s also a styling connoisseur who will help you change your clothing style completely. Indeed, it will rely on your desires to offer you designer pieces, or haute-couture pieces.

Whether it’s a complete makeover, or just a few makeover tips, a personal shopper will restore your self-confidence. It will make you aware of fashion and give you a taste for pleasing others.

The personal shopper will act according to your personality, and the brand image you wish to send to your interlocutors.

Personal shopper training: which course to take?

Not all personal shoppers have the same qualifications. Some have gone to fashion school, a BTS in design, a BTS MCO or a BTS Stylisme Modélisme. Others have a business school diploma or have simply studied fashion history.

In any case, it’s best to have a good eye and a passion for fashion and shopping. Often, those who do not have a specific degree have a background in modeling. Some have also been fashion designers or model makers before dedicating themselves to this profession.

All professional personal shoppers must excel in customer service. He must give personalized advice, adapting to the needs of each customer. Whether it’s for image consulting, makeovers, haircuts or self-make-up.

What’s more, it’s crucial that they stay up to date with the latest trends. They need to understand fashion, textiles and beauty. Some opt for a quick makeover course, like Cristina Cordula in Les Reines du Shopping.

Finally, several personal shoppers are pursuing additional training. They’re looking for certification as a dressing or image consultant. This certification broadens their skills, enabling more comprehensive services. It also gives personal shoppers greater credibility with their customers.

Everyone needs a personal shopper

In conclusion, if you want convenience, tailor-made advice and expertise for your outfits, the personal shopper is the solution! With their qualifications and experience, these pros will help you feel confident in any outfit.

Nevertheless, hiring a personal shopper represents a significant cost. It’s calling in a fashion expert, which is often out of reach for most people. Ecostylia is therefore developing a personal shopper application. It’s an artificial intelligence that will use your personality to give you dedicated advice on what to wear. She will emulate the image consultant profession with her in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry.

Thanks to all the information you provide, she can advise you and suggest the best outfits. No need to make an appointment, our app will follow you wherever you go. She’ll be your image coach, your personal advisor, your very own personal shopper.

She’ll give you fashion tips to enhance your figure and personality. With this new app, you can expect the perfect wardrobe makeover. You’ll be supported in the evolution of your personal and professional image, for everyday life as well as for special occasions.

Will artificial intelligence replace the job of personal shopper?

In the near future, AI will become an ally in solving your fashion dilemmas. Using sophisticated algorithms, it will suggest the ideal outfit. This is based on a multitude of parameters. You don ‘t need to be a fashion expert: she’ll make your choices easy.

Just a few clicks and you’ll have the right outfit for the job. It will match your tastes and preferences. It will be an innovative approach to shopping, simple and economical.

However, it won’t replace the human personal shopper. On the contrary, it complements it. It will offer an affordable option for those who can’t afford to hire a professional.

With AI, you’ll appreciate your new pieces even more: sweaters, jeans, swimwear… AI advice will accompany you everywhere. She will work in harmony with the personal shopper. Together, they will create a better fashion experience for all.