Personal shopper presenting a pink item of clothing to his client

Personal shoppers are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people turn to them to find the perfect outfit or item for any occasion. A personal shopper is someone who helps customers find the best items, regardless of their budget. He usually works one-on-one with his customers, helping them make decisions about what to buy and where to buy it. He is a fashion expert, who is able to find the right piece for the right customer.

In this article, we will first go back to the definition of the personal shopper, because this job is not well known. Then, we will see that this job is available for men as well as for women. Then, we will address the question of terminology: is a fashion shopper a personal shopper? Finally, we will inform you about the studies to follow to become a personal shopper.

What is a personal shopper?


Personal shoppers can help their clients in many ways, from suggesting outfit combinations to finding the perfect gift. They often scour stores and websites for the best deals and trends, helping customers get more for their money. In addition, they are aware of the latest fashion trends and can give advice on how to stay on top of fashion.

Functions of the personal shopper

More than just time, the personal shopper also provides valuable information on current trends, so you won’t miss out on the big fashion trends or must-have items that are all the rage right now.

In addition to providing helpful advice on what to buy (or not to buy), they also serve as a sounding board for style choices, offering honest reviews that help customers make informed decisions about their wardrobe. Finally, the personal shopper helps with the actual purchase: he or she often takes care of payment and delivery, so that the customer does not have to worry about it.

Personal shopper: a personal assistant in charge of shopping?

It is traditionally this last function of the personal shopper that is emphasized. In Olivier Assayas’ film, which is named after this profession, the heroine, a young girl, is a personal shopper for a celebrity. In the film, the viewer follows her in her daily life between luxury boutiques and well-stocked closets. In the service of a celebrity, she is more of a personal assistant in charge of shopping than a personal shopper. We have more the impression to have in front of us a largely corveable employee, than a professional of the fashion which distils its councils to its customer.

And for good reason, in Assayas’s film, it is about an employee in the service of a celebrity who is very careful about her image. This star has already signed dozens of partnerships with prestigious brands. So it’s more about making sure the muse can fulfill her contracts, rather than recommending new outfits.

Personal shopper helping her client with fittings

The personal shopper: an advisory role above all

But this is only a very partial (and biased) view of the personal shopper profession. We can say that the personal shopper is particularly linked to the stylist’s job. The fashion stylist is there to design clothes adapted to the morphology of each person. But, the personal shopper is not there to create directly, he chooses among the existing clothes, what could suit his customer. Thus, its role is closer to an image consulting agency.

Depending on your budget, the personal shopper will help you fill your dressing room with clothes and accessories that will suit you perfectly. To make his choice, he will rely on the cuts, the colorimetry or the personal image that you want to give off.

The personal shopper: saving time for people with busy schedules

The personal shopper can be an asset for those trying to find specific items or having trouble putting together an outfit. It is also a useful service for busy people who want someone else to do their shopping for them. With a personal shopper by your side, you can easily keep up with the latest trends and fashions without having to leave your home. Whether you’re just looking for advice or need someone to take care of all aspects of your wardrobe, a personal shopper can make your life easier.

Advice and shopping session with a personal shopper

A personal shopper presenting a dress and a personal shopper presenting a cardigan to their client

Let’s now look at the most modern role of the personal shopper, that of an image consultant who is called upon on an ad hoc basis. Far from the solitary employee of Olivier Assayas’ film, there is another very famous model who has brought the job of personal shopper back to the forefront. It is Cristina Cordula, a real star of the profession, who made a hit with her show “Les Reines du Shopping” on M6. In this show, she gives image advice to people who come for a makeover. She accompanies them on a shopping spree, in numerous boutiques, in order to find the new clothes that will adorn the closet of the revamped client. From the catwalks of the fashion shows where she appeared as a model, Cristina Cordula has become the icon of the change in clothing style.

This show showed that, although the personal shopper’s job is very much linked to the luxury sector, it remains accessible to everyone, via makeup, hair or clothing advice. It is not a magazine star intended for the personalities that one finds on the TV sets.

So, to further reduce the cost of a personal shopper, you can use his services during sales, or in outlet stores. To unearth nuggets, your image consultant can also show you pop-up stores with ephemeral creations that will make your style even more unique. But, more than a simple shopping accompaniment, it is a personal stylist who will help you so that your new wardrobe corresponds perfectly to the image which you wish to send back. From pants to lingerie and down jackets, all textiles are concerned. More than fittings with a personal stylist, this is truly an image coaching session.

Personal shopper for men, does it exist?

Reading this article, we realize that the job of personal shopper is very feminine. It is often an image consultant, or a former stylist who is dedicated to the relooking of women to sublimate their wardrobe. Far from this stereotypical image, the relooking for men is perfectly in the missions of a personal shopper. In this case, you will not need to receive make-up lessons, but rather coaching in image and non-verbal communication to regain self-confidence.

Or, a men’s personal shopper can help you if you just want to update your closet. New blazer, change of style for your jackets, this fashion professional (female or male) will accompany you to find what you need.

Why use a personal shopper?

A personal shopper is the ideal solution for people who have neither the time nor the desire to go shopping. He is also a professional stylist who can help you change your clothing style. Indeed, it will rely on your desires to offer you designer pieces, or haute-couture pieces.

Whether it’s a complete makeover or just a few tips, the personal shopper can help you. This type of service can help you to restore your self-confidence, train you on fashion design, your clothing and self-makeup coaching.

The personal shopper will act according to your personality, and the brand image you wish to send to your interlocutors.

What studies to become a personal shopper?

Not all personal shoppers have the same qualifications; some have a degree in fashion design or even a business school degree, while others simply have a good eye for style and a passion for shopping. Often, those who do not have a specific degree have a background in modeling. Some have also been fashion designers or model makers before dedicating themselves to this profession.

However, regardless of qualifications, any professional personal shopper must have excellent customer service skills and be able to provide personalized advice tailored to the needs of each client, whether it be image consulting and makeovers, haircuts, or self-makeup.

In addition, they must keep up with the latest trends and have a good understanding of the fashion, textile and beauty industry (in the broadest sense). Some people choose to take a short makeover course, inspired by Cristina Cordula’s character in “Les Reines du Shopping”.

Finally, many personal shoppers take additional training to become certified as a wardrobe consultant or image consultant. This type of specialized certification gives them an even broader range of skills, allowing them to provide more comprehensive services to their clients. Certification also gives personal shoppers added credibility when working with clients

Conclusion: everyone needs a personal shopper

In short, if you are looking for convenience, personalized advice and an expert eye for your clothing choices, look no further than the professional personal shopper! With their qualifications and experience, these professionals are sure to help you feel confident in any outfit.

Nevertheless, hiring a personal shopper represents a significant cost. It’s calling in a fashion expert, which is often out of reach for most people. Therefore, there is Ecostylia. It is an artificial intelligence that is based on your personality to give you dedicated advice on clothing. She replaces the consultant’s job with her in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry.

And, thanks to all the personal information you give her, she will be able to advise you and suggest pieces that fit you perfectly. No need to make an appointment, Ecostylia follows you everywhere. He is your permanent image coach, your personal advisor, your own personal shopper, who will give you fashion advice to enhance your figure and your personality. With Ecostylia, you can expect a perfect wardrobe makeover. The goal of this AI is to accompany the user in the evolution of his personal and professional self-image, on a daily basis as well as for special occasions.

Can Ecostylia replace a personal shopper?

Yes, Ecostylia can help you free yourself from your fashion problems. Thanks to its sophisticated algorithms, the application takes into account a wide range of parameters to recommend the perfect outfit for each user. You don’t need to be a style and fashion expert: Ecostylia does all the work for you! With just a few clicks, you can get an outfit that matches your personal taste and preferences. And that’s not all: it’s totally free! However, there is a premium version that offers you more advantages.

If you are looking for an easy way to shop without breaking the bank, Ecostylia is your best choice. This is a great alternative to hiring a personal shopper, offering the same benefits for a fraction of the price. With Ecostylia, you will love your new clothes: sweaters, knitwear, jeans, swimwear, T-shirts, boots, underwear, coats… Our advice will accompany you everywhere!