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Trinny Woodall: who is this British fashion star?

Trinny Woodall, British image consultant

Trinny Woodall is a famous British fashion consultant, who became famous for a TV show about shopping and clothing style. She got her start as a stylist in a clothing store and worked hard to become the fashion and beauty influencer she is today. Trinny is well known for her bold personal style and in-depth knowledge of the trends each season. In this article, we’ll take a look at her, from her early days in fashion to her latest projects.

A television show that has excited audiences beyond the UK

Trinny Woodall’s success with the general public really began in the early 2000s with his very famous duet with Susannah Constantine. Together, these two fashion consultants hosted a television show on the BBC, which immediately found its audience. Ironically titled What not to wear, this talk show talked about fashion by detailing the style of the participants who came to present their outfits in this show.

What not to Wear: a cult show on the small screen

For many British people, watching What not to Wear was a funny and interesting moment, an opportunity to learn more about everything that makes fashion. Trinny Woodall formed an excellent duo with Susannah Constantine. It must be said that the two presenters already knew each other thanks to a previous collaboration, started in 1996. At the time, it was to hold a fashion column for the Daily Telegraph, one of the most read newspapers in England. Entitled Ready to Wear, this column already set the tone. You could even say it was a precursor to the flagship British fashion show.

After several very successful seasons on BBC 2, What not to Wear had the privilege of moving to the first channel, the most watched in Great Britain and in most Commonwealth countries. Although the show ended in 2006, it remains a highlight in British television culture. And the Woodall-Constantine duo has been in the news ever since.

The Woodall-Constantine pairing: a real popular success

After these multiple appearances on the small screen, the two icons of the English fashion continued their collaboration in a written way. In addition to appearances on other shows, they wrote their first book together: What not to Wear. The book, which alone has sold over 600,000 copies. Other books followed, for a total of 3 million copies sold.

Building on this success, Trinny Woodall has branched out into another area, again related to fashion.

Trinny Woodall, British entrepreneur, businesswoman, fashion and makeover expert, TV presenter and author
Trinny Woodall, British entrepreneur, businesswoman, fashion and makeover expert, TV presenter and author

Successful beauty entrepreneur

In addition to being a prominent influencer, Trinny is also an entrepreneur who has created her own makeup brand for women. It offers a wide range of products, which are designed to enhance the natural beauty of every woman. Trinny Woodall, as an entrepreneur, claims to help women rethink their beauty routine (including makeup).

His company has been very successful since in only 5 years it has managed to reach a presence in 180 countries, with more than 200 employees. It has also won many awards for its growth. Behind this success, there is obviously the personality of this fashion icon. But, he can be credited with creating a successful concept at the right time.

Icon of social networks, personal shopper version 2.0

Trinny is passionate about fashion, you could even say she lives it every day. As such, she often shares her knowledge with her fans on her blog and social networks. And this, especially on Instagram, where she accumulates 1.2 million followers. These are all people who view her inspiring stories, and her colorful posts.

Her main message is that all women deserve to be loved and accepted for who they are. She also encourages women to feel beautiful and comfortable in their clothes, regardless of their shape or size. In addition, she loves to share fashion tips with her audience. In the end, if we were to summarize Trinny Woodall’s mantra, we could say that it is not the woman who must adapt to the garment, but the other way around.


In a nutshell, Trinny Woodall is a famous British fashion consultant known for her bold personal style and understanding of trends each season. She has created her own brand of beauty products for women and often shares her insights on style, self-love and philanthropy. TV star, she also became a top influencer on social networks. Known as a fashion icon in the United Kingdom, her fame goes beyond the borders, and she radiates widely in the English-speaking world.