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Rebecca Hampton’s Concerns After a Bad Bicycle Fall

Rebecca Hampton before and after her bike accident in Marseille

Rebecca Hampton, famous for her role as Céline Frémont in Plus belle la vie, recently fell victim to a bicycle accident in Marseille. On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, the actress shared disturbing images of her injuries on her social media, causing concern among her fans and the press, notably reported by our colleagues at Télé-Loisirs.

The actress posted photos showing her face with an open wound, a bloodied eye, and a large bandage, testifying to the severity of her fall. She accompanied these images with a message on Instagram, explaining that she suffered facial fractures following her bad bicycle fall a month ago.

In the same post, Rebecca Hampton paid tribute to the healthcare facilities that took care of her – the Timone hospital and the Conception hospital.

The actress also shared that she is "much better" now, concluding her message with a small piece of advice to her followers: "ADJUST YOUR HELMETS WELL!". This advice underscores the importance of bicycle safety, a topic often underestimated.

Furthermore, Télé-Loisirs highlights the close relationship between Rebecca Hampton and her daughter. The actress had confessed to being alone with her and discussed financial difficulties, as well as her daughter’s active role in managing her social media.

This sharing comes in a context where Rebecca Hampton had made headlines following her reactions to Nathalie Marquay’s comments on the disappearance of Marwan Berreni.

We wish Rebecca a speedy recovery and the continuation of her beautiful career.