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Is Prince Harry Linked to the Crimes Accused of P. Diddy?

From left to right Kanye West (Ye), Prince Harry, and Sean Combs (also known as P. Diddy)

Prince Harry, son of King Charles of England, was recently mentioned in a lawsuit involving rapper P. Diddy. The latter is facing serious charges, including sexual assault. The name of the British king’s youngest son was mentioned in this context, although his direct involvement is unlikely.

For several months, P. Diddy has been facing assault accusations from several women. A complaint for gang rape on a minor has even been filed against the rapper. But the situation worsened with a search in several of his residences, for a sex trafficking investigation.

Rodney Jones, former producer of P. Diddy, also filed a complaint against the rapper, mentioning Prince Harry. The latter is presented as one of the dignitaries that guests could hope to meet at P. Diddy’s parties. However, this mention does not suggest his presence or participation in these gatherings, but rather seemed to serve to credit them.

The only documented meeting between the two men dates back to 2007, at a concert in memory of Princess Diana. The rapper had expressed his admiration for the prince in the media. The shots of this old meeting have been exploited in a baseless context concerning the current allegations against P. Diddy.

Accusations against the rapper from other collaborators and acquaintances are multiplying, including harassment and sexual assault. More to follow…