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O.J. Simpson: End of an American Enigma

O.J. Simpson and his ex-wife

O.J. Simpson, an iconic figure in American culture, has died of cancer at the age of 76. Announced by his family, his death brings back memories of one of the most publicized trials in history. Nearly 30 years ago, the “trial of the century”, for the double murder of his ex-wife and a waiter, divided America.

O.J. Simpson’s family announces his death on his X account (formerly Twitter)

Simpson, nicknamed The Juice, shone in American football before going through a series of events that placed him at the heart of a criminal case and a national debate. His exceptional sports career was overshadowed by the accusations and his trial for the brutal murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. This trial exposed and amplified racial tensions in the United States, already highlighted by the Rodney King case.

The trial, both complex and controversial, presented overwhelming DNA evidence against Simpson. His defense strategy relied on accusations of racism within the Los Angeles Police Department, leading to his acquittal. This decision provoked varied reactions, reflecting the country’s deep racial divisions.

The following years were marked by another civil trial where he was found liable for the murders. The former footballer was ordered to pay 33 million dollars in damages, a sum he never paid. His life continued to be peppered with controversies, culminating in a conviction in 2008 for armed robbery.

Simpson’s death brings an end to a story marked by triumph, tragedy, and scandal. Despite a remarkable sports career, his memory will remain inseparable from the criminal case that divided America. With his disappearance, some secrets will remain forever buried. However, the debate about his trial and his guilt will continue to echo.