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Kate Middleton: Already Good News

Kate Middleton against a spring backdrop

Kate Middleton is emerging as the most adored figure in the United Kingdom! Her popularity rating is nearing 72%, far surpassing other members of the royal family like Harry and Meghan, according to a recent study by the Yougov institute. This remarkable public support seems to have been strengthened following the shocking revelation of her battle with illness.

Despite the controversies and misunderstandings of recent months, the Duchess of Cambridge has seen her popularity rise. Her dignity in the face of illness has strengthened the public’s affection for her.

In light of this new poll, Kate even surpasses her husband, Prince William, by four points. King Charles III, despite his own struggle with the same illness, does not seem to have elicited comparable emotion, perhaps due to his advanced age.

Other members of the royal family, such as Princess Anne, also enjoy strong popularity. Prince Harry and his wife, actress Meghan Markle, distanced from the monarchy and living in California, remain less appreciated. Prince Andrew, on the other hand, remains very unpopular.

Despite her non-royal origins, Kate Middleton has established herself as a central figure in the British monarchy. She embodies the image of a future queen who is glamorous, strong, and pragmatic. Her spectacular rise in the hearts of the British and beyond only affirms her status.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan continue their media career in the United States, preparing two new Netflix series focused on cooking and polo. These projects mark a new stage in their life that aims to be independent, far from royal subsidies.

Despite their efforts to build a life away from royalty, tensions with the royal family remain palpable. There is little hope for reconciliation on the horizon…