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Que ta tête fleurisse toujours: Mika’s New Album Invites Us Into His Intimacy

Mika, new album despite big sorrows

On December 1st, the music world lights up with the release of Mika’s new album, Que ta tête fleurisse toujours (May Your Head Always Bloom in French). This musical gem promises twelve tracks, one of which is particularly intimate. Me, Andy and Paris reveals the complexity of his relationship with his partner, Andy. Mika, in a burst of sincerity, shares his mixed feelings with Télé 7 Jours: “He’s not happy with this song… I’m putting my intimacy and his into it.”

The 40-year-old singer is going through delicate moments, juggling between love and a hectic professional life. His numerous trips to France and Italy put their relationship to the test. “He’s English and finds himself in a sort of threesome, constantly, because of my life in France,” Mika confides. A complicated situation, which nevertheless seems to find an echo in his words and melodies.

But that’s not all. This album also contains a poignant tribute to his mother, who passed away in 2021. The title is inspired by a drawing given by his mother, bearing the words “may your head always bloom”. Mika sees it as a gift, but also a provocation. “If you don’t do it, what was all this for?” she seems to tell him through this artistic legacy.

The album thus becomes a mirror of the artist’s joys and sorrows. With Que ta tête fleurisse toujours, Mika invites us into his world, between love, pain, and hope. A work that promises to be as colorful and deep as the life of its creator.