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Julien Doré, Actor for the Panda Series on TF1

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Singer Julien Doré, known for his musical career, is taking on a new challenge: acting. On TF1, he plays the role of Panda, an eccentric former policeman from Camargue – a unique wetland located in the South of France, renowned for its exceptional wildlife and traditional cowboy culture. After leaving the police force, this character reinvented himself as a bartender, on a beach in the south of France. With unconventional practices like yoga and cuddle therapy, and a taste for unique shirts, Panda represents a fun and unexpected turn in the singer’s career.

His motivation for accepting this role comes from his own life experiences. Having left the city for the Cévennes – mountains region in the South of France, Doré finds personal resonance with his character, who also abandoned his previous career for a more peaceful lifestyle. This series marks an artistic turning point for the singer, offering us an opportunity to dive into a comical and endearing universe.

In Panda, the main character returns to service with his partner Lola, a stressed-out policewoman. Together, they conduct investigations in a relaxed manner, bringing humor and lightness to the screen. Panda’s character, with his ultra-zen attitude and eccentric outfits, seems to be a comedic extension of Julien Doré himself. The actor emphasizes that the character is a fun caricature, with exaggerated character traits that invite self-mockery.

According to Doré, the series is a breath of fresh air in a gloomy context, a space for humor and lightness. He highlights his own enjoyment in this role, amused by the situations and Panda’s extravagant character. Although seriousness is not absent, the series appears to be an invitation to laugh and enjoy carefree entertainment.