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Brigitte Macron and Rachida Dati Shine at Fashion Week

Brigitte Macron and Rachida Dati at the IFM parade

The opening of the Paris Fashion Week by the French Institute of Fashion was marked by the presence of the First Lady Brigitte Macron and the Minister of Culture Rachida Dati. The duo shone in the front row of the fashion show. The event highlighted the talent of 27 young international graduates from the Master of Arts in Fashion Design.

Dressed in a leather dress signed by Louis Vuitton, Brigitte Macron reaffirmed her status as an ambassador of French elegance. As for Rachida Dati, she opted for a total denim look, a more casual style, but just as chic. The fashion sector, representing 154 billion euros in 2021, benefits from the support of leading political figures.

Beyond a style demonstration, the Macron-Dati duo highlights France’s ambition to continue promoting its textile and luxury industry, promising unconditional support to young designers.