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Jeanne Mas: The Farewell of the 80s Icon

Jeanne Mas against a stage backdrop

On the occasion of her 40-year career, Jeanne Mas, an icon of the 80s, is releasing a new album and has announced a farewell tour in several cities in France. In an interview given to Libération on February 14, the performer of Toute première fois reflects on her journey.

As early as 1986, with Sauvez-moi, Jeanne Mas stood up against domestic violence, a fight she continued with J’accuse in 1989, where she denounced sexual violence.

These risky stances often cost her dearly, notably after an open letter to François Mitterrand in which Mas called for greater severity for perpetrators of sexual crimes, remarks interpreted by some as support for the death penalty.

At 65, the singer who lives in Arizona does not hide the challenges of aging, especially in an industry that glorifies youth. An admirer of Pamela Anderson for her choice to appear without makeup, Mas also wishes to free herself from these constraints.

Although reluctant to be associated with movements, Jeanne Mas defines herself in favor of educating men rather than against them. She admits to having been a victim of sexual violence in her youth, but refuses to see herself as a victim.

As Jeanne Mas prepares to take her bow with this album followed by a farewell tour, she leaves behind a legacy of unforgettable songs.