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Downton Abbey Secretly Prepares a Season 7

Downton Abbey, the cult series returns for a seventh season filmed in secret

The long-awaited news by Downton Abbey aficionados has finally been revealed: a seventh season is currently in preparation. This iconic series, which has counted millions of viewers worldwide, is evidently not done with its captivating tales of the Crawley family and their servants’ lives.

According to information from the Daily Mail, the actors have already begun filming this new season, an unexpected return of the series after its epilogue in 2015. The production aspires to reunite the original cast, although the participation of all has not been confirmed.

This announcement has generated a wave of excitement not only among long-time fans, but also among new audiences. The possibility of a spin-off centered on the younger characters has also been mentioned, thus expanding the narrative potential of the series.

Scheduled for broadcast on the ITV channel for Christmas 2024, this new season promises to be a memorable gift for the series’ viewers. The frequency of reruns on channels such as Chérie 25 in France testifies to its immense popularity and may augur a certain success.