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Isabelle Huppert Attacked

The actress Isabelle Huppert on a stage

Currently on the boards of the Sarah Bernhardt theater in Paris, Isabelle Huppert is playing the role of Bérénice in the eponymous play by Racine, directed by Romeo Castellucci. This performance, far from being unanimous, has elicited mixed reactions from the audience. While some admire the performance of the illustrious actress, others have expressed their dissatisfaction, even going so far as to call out Miss Huppert during the show.

The controversy mainly focused on the modification of the actress’s voice by a synthesizer. A part of the audience judged her speech to be “metallic” and difficult to understand. This bold artistic decision even prompted some to leave the room before the end of the performance. Castellucci’s choice to distance the staging from traditional conventions did not meet the expected unanimity.

In a statement to the JDD, Isabelle Huppert downplayed the incident, reminding of the often controversial nature of Castellucci’s shows and stating that she was not disturbed by this experience. According to the theater director, this incident remains isolated, occurring only during one of the many performances of the play.

Parallel to her presence in the theater, Isabelle Huppert is preparing to shine in another register, that of cinema, with the imminent release of Sidonie au Japon (Sidonie in Japan in French), under the direction of Elise Girard. This film proves the versatility of the actress, capable of navigating between classical theater and contemporary projects.

SIDONIE IN JAPAN Trailer (2024) Isabelle Huppert

This controversy raises questions about the limits of innovation in the staging of classics. The actress, for her part, has always been able to defend bold artistic choices.