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Aya Nakamura Recounts Her Dinner with Brigitte Macron and Hélène Arnault

The singer Aya Nakamura on the left and the First Lady Brigitte Macron on the right

French Singer Aya Nakamura recently discussed a video that garnered a lot of attention on social media. In this video, she appeared alongside France First Lady Brigitte Macron and Hélène Arnault at an intimate dinner in Paris.

Aya Nakamura in the company of Brigitte Macron and Hélène Arnault (via @Kulturlesite_ on X – Formerly Twitter)

The video shows a friendly moment shared with the First Lady and the wife of Bernard Arnault. The sequence quickly piqued the interest of Aya’s audience, leading to a flurry of online reactions.

In response to the interest shown by her many fans, Aya Nakamura decided to speak out during a live stream on her social media. She explained that her good relationship with the pianist Hélène Arnault was the reason for this meeting. “She kindly suggested, to Brigitte Macron and me, to meet us at the restaurant,” she said.

The artist, known for her hits like Djadja and Pookie, said she had a “good time” in the company of her two famous guests. “We ate well, that’s all. I didn’t feel like I was with the president’s wife. We had a good time all three of us and it was cool,” she concluded.

Aya Nakamura continues to entertain her audience, not only with her rhythmic music, but also with her presence at large-scale events. She is expected to reinterpret a classic by Édith Piaf at the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics on July 26.