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Faustine Bollaert, First Woman to Be Elected as the French’s Favorite TV Personality

Faustine Bollaert becomes the first woman to be elected as the favorite TV personality of the French

Faustine Bollaert achieved a feat in the world of French television by becoming the first woman to be elected "France’s favorite TV personality" for the year 2023, according to a poll conducted by TV Magazine. She succeeds Jean-Luc Reichmann, marking a turning point in this ranking.

The host of the show "Ça commence aujourd’hui" (It Starts Today), broadcast on France 2, won this distinction with an impressive score of 42.2%. Known for her hosting talents in shows such as Accès privé (Private Access), Le Meilleur Pâtissier (The Best Baker) and La boîte à secrets (The Secret Box), Bollaert has consolidated her popularity thanks to the success of her daily show, which covers a variety of topics through testimonials.

Reacting to this recognition, Faustine Bollaert shared her emotion on social media, thanking viewers for their loyalty and mentioning the shows that have marked her career.

This consecration of Faustine Bollaert represents not only an important moment for her career, but also a significant step in the recognition of women in the world of French television. This success illustrates the diversity and evolution of media figures in the French audiovisual landscape.