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Nicolas and Tatiana of Greece: The End of a Royal Marriage

Prince Nicolas and Princess Tatiana of Greece on their wedding day

Prince Nicolas of Greece and Princess Tatiana have decided to separate after nearly fourteen years of marriage. They shared this decision on April 19th. This announcement closely follows the passing of King Constantin, Nicolas’s father.

The beginnings of their relationship resembled a fairy tale, from their meeting in 2003 to their lavish wedding on the island of Spetses in 2010. They settled in Greece in 2013, fully integrating into local society and culture. Tatiana, in particular, embraced her new adopted country with passion, getting involved in projects to preserve Greek artisanal skills and promote well-being.

However, despite their mutual commitment, personal challenges, such as the absence of children, weighed on their union. In recent years, their interests have diversified. Tatiana is turning towards humanitarian commitments, while Nicolas is pursuing activities in finance and photography.

Their separation, although painful, seems to be handled with maturity. Tatiana continues to find comfort and inspiration in Greece, where she was recently appointed ambassador of a program for athletes, and Nicolas remains actively involved in local projects.