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Louis of Wales, Future Monarch, Soon Celebrates His 6th Birthday

Louis of Wales kisses his mother Kate Middleton

On April 23, a joyful event will mark the British royal family who needed it: Prince Louis of Wales will celebrate his 6th birthday. Born in London and known for his mischievous expressions, Louis brings a breath of fresh air to the Windsor family.

This young family member is often perceived with a lightness far removed from the responsibilities that weigh on his relatives. His innocence was captured on public occasions, such as during Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee, where his grimaces sparked amusement.

Louis bears a strong resemblance to his mother, Catherine Middleton, and his grandfather, Michael Middleton, which distinguishes him as the "most Middleton of the Windsors". He grows up mainly out of the spotlight, in the tranquility of Adelaide Cottage and attends Lambrook School, where he is very popular with his peers.

His summers are spent at Balmoral, where he enjoys nature, exploring the moors and chasing butterflies. He has a great love for animals, sharing a special friendship with Orla, a Spanish cocker and learning to ride on his pony, Toffee, a gift from his late great-grandmother.

This young prince, removed from the constraints of protocol, lives moments of simple happiness that shape his childhood. His education reflects a balance between royal tradition and a childhood that is hoped to be more free and modern.