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Glass Skin: Perfect Your Korean Skin Care Routine

Korean woman with radiant complexion illustrating the concept of glass skin applying a product from her Korean skincare routine, highlighting brands like Beauty of Joseon, Some by Mi, and Yepoda with k-beauty face care products

When we think of Korean women, we immediately think of their beauty characterized by smooth skin. This natural beauty, with a flawless porcelain complexion, even has a name: the glass skin. This term refers to skin so perfect that it seems to be made of glass. A beauty ideal that fascinates well beyond Korean borders. This ancestral routine, which has become a global symbol thanks to K-Beauty, promises a pure and luminous complexion thanks to specific care steps. In this article, we will detail the key steps to follow and the essential products to achieve this effect.

Glass skin: a way of life

In the West, skin care often begins after the first signs of aging appear. However, in Korea, it is an integral part of daily life from an early age. This philosophy is not just about preserving the youthfulness of the skin; it also improves self-confidence, promoting a positive self-image through healthy skin.

Glass skin is an idealized skin condition where the skin appears smooth, radiant, and hydrated to the point of near perfection. The skin appears not only plumped, but also glowing. Reflecting the ideal of Korean beauty and appreciated for its natural appearance and luminosity, glass skin is the result of a meticulous Korean routine. It is based on specific care principles to achieve the freshest and most luminous complexion. Glass skin has been a hot trend on social media for a few months and has become the embodiment of the effect sought by many K-Beauty enthusiasts, an abbreviation for "Korean Beauty" — "Korean beauty" in English. This process is becoming increasingly known in Europe, particularly in France.

Although in South Korea beauty standards are different from those we can observe in Europe, skincare has almost become a trend to reckon with. Indeed, K-Beauty is taking an increasingly significant place in the world of beauty. These products and care methods are very innovative and are said to be one of the secrets to radiant skin.

So, looking for perfect skin? Try glass skin.

Young Korean with a natural beauty, with a glowy complexion
Young Korean with a natural beauty, with a glowy complexion

The 5 steps of the Glass Skin routine

The secrets of Korean skincare have been revealed and here is one of them: layering. The idea is simple: layer skincare products to give the skin everything it needs. The result? Clean, nourished, and glowy skin.

The Korean skincare routine has many steps and takes time. The time devoted to it is not considered a boring routine. It is actually a real moment for oneself to enjoy.

Double cleansing

Glass skin is first and foremost synonymous with deep purification, so that the benefits of the products used are multiplied. To do this, remove your makeup with a makeup remover oil or micellar water. Then proceed with a second, gentler cleansing, such as a gel or cleansing foam. This will rid your face of all the impurities accumulated during the day.

Young Korean woman who is cleaning her skin, first step of the glass skin
Young Korean woman who is cleaning her skin, first step of the glass skin


After cleansing, exfoliation… But be careful, this step is only performed once a week. It is ideal for getting rid of dead skin and making the complexion more uniform. But also to unclog pores and boost cell renewal. Exfoliation can be done in two ways. First, with grains for a deep-cleansing action or with a peel, which is gentler and more respectful of sensitive skin. Depending on your skin type, adapt to the best of the two.

Toning water

After cleansing and exfoliating, it’s time to prepare your skin to receive care. Toning water is then perfect to wake up, plump up, and tone the skin gently and apply a first layer of care. This step will also help protect the skin and balance its PH by strengthening the skin barrier. Plumping and hydrating, there are many toning waters. It’s up to you to choose according to your beauty issue.

Young Korean applying toner water
Young Korean applying toner water

Hydrating serum

To promote the glow effect and smooth complexion, it is essential to apply a serum. So, opt for a serum with a concentrated formula for visible effects in a minimum of time. Depending on your skin, it’s up to you to choose the main key active ingredient. Lacking radiance and hydration? Opt for a serum with hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. All have beneficial properties for hydration. The must: opt for a serum that combines several and you will have luminous skin.

Moisturizing cream… Without forgetting sun protection

Finally, the last step: the moisturizing cream. This is the layer never to be neglected to nourish your skin and achieve a lasting visible glass skin effect. The cream helps to soften the skin and restore a natural glow to the complexion. There are several, it’s up to you to choose according to your skin needs. But after applying the day cream, don’t forget to use an SPF 50 sunscreen to protect your epidermis from skin aging, caused by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Each step counts for a radiant and healthy skin. With this whole routine, shine and glass effect are guaranteed! It’s your turn to play!

Young Korean woman who applies moisturizing cream, a crucial step for glass skin to allow the skin's glow
Young Korean woman who applies moisturizing cream, a crucial step for glass skin to allow the skin’s glow

Trying it is adopting it

Key ingredients and their impact

Tired of chemicals and endless ingredient lists? K-Beauty is made for you! The typical ingredients of Korean cosmetics are ceramides and tea extracts. They play a crucial role in nourishing the skin and strengthening its natural barrier. Each component is selected for its beneficial properties, thus contributing to the plumped and radiant appearance of the skin. These little wonders are beneficial for your skin, but also for the environment. So, no more harsh products that irritate the skin. With a gentle formulation suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, these cosmetics are perfect.

K-Beauty is also a unique sensory experience. The textures of the products are surprising and pleasant to apply. Between frozen masks, hydrating serums or foaming cleansers, your face will thank you for taking care of it.

Korean skincare influences transcend borders: all women are getting into it
Korean skincare influences transcend borders: all women are getting into it

Trends and future of glass skin

With the rise of social networks, glass skin has become a real global phenomenon, influencing current and future beauty trends. It symbolizes the growing enthusiasm for more conscious and thoughtful care rituals. It also suggests a shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly beauty practices.

Some French influencers, like Romy for example, test the Korean products that are stars of social networks in some of their videos and get started with glass skin. In South Korea, many influencers popularize this routine on their social networks, like Liah Yoo, the most popular beauty influencer in the country, in the skincare sector. In the United States too, the trend is not going unnoticed. Between Ariana Grande or Jennifer Aniston, glass skin is definitely part of the stars’ routine.

Korean skincare companies invest heavily in the development of innovative products. The biggest brands often have their own laboratory where revolutionary treatments are created. South Korea has become the fourth largest exporter of cosmetics in the world. The evolution of this industry is closely linked to the global enthusiasm for Korean culture.

Irresistible packaging

Let’s face it, beauty products often attract because of their packaging. In terms of K-Beauty, the design never disappoints. Korean packagings are often adorable, original and colorful. They are perfect to brighten up our bathroom and make us want to use these favorite products daily.

Our 3 favorite brands


Some by mi

Beauty of Joseon

These brands are experiencing resounding success on social networks, mainly thanks to the effectiveness of their products. For example, the Beauty of Joseon Line Glow Propolis serum has been at the heart of trends on TikTok for weeks, if not months. Users have expressed their satisfaction with many Korean products and brands, highlighting the exceptional effectiveness of these treatments.

The typical products of the colorful packaging Korean skincare routine
The typical products of the colorful packaging Korean skincare routine

Adopting glass skin is much more than a simple routine: it’s embracing a philosophy that values the health and vitality of the skin, in harmony with the innovations and values of Korean culture.