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Spring-Summer 2024 Makeup Trends

Liquid blush and glowy foundation, this woman followed our advice for summer makeup.

For these upcoming sunny weeks, duality is making a strong comeback in the world of beauty. Minimalist makeups are clashing with colorful trends that do not go unnoticed. On one side, doll beauty focuses on natural beauty, while on the other, harmonious and smoky smoky eyes are making a sensation. In 2024, there is something for everyone, and we are delighted! Indeed, the world of makeup is evolving rapidly, just like fashion. Social networks amplify this dynamic, with platforms like Instagram and TikTok strongly influencing trends. Colored eyes, glowy complexion, or accentuated red lips, this season, let your creativity express itself with your brushes. Discover five makeup tips for spring-summer 2024 to adopt alone or mix together.

Bold Blue Eyes

Blue makeup will be ubiquitous in 2024, especially for the spring-summer season. On our eyes, the light and freshness of blue are in the spotlight. You can adopt it on the eyelids with a metallic blue or deep navy blue eyeshadow. But you can also choose a bright turquoise or even denim blue.

Pair this striking look with a nude complexion and lips simply enhanced with gloss. And yes, this striking color is back and gives your look a refreshing and modern appearance.

You can also succumb to the trend of colored mascaras by adding color to your lashes. Blue is a shade that suits all eye colors, so dare! If you don’t like blue, there are more discreet colors like pink or forest green.

In any case, these blue eyes will give you a lively look that perfectly matches the summer vibes. And for even more boldness, go for colored liners. Blue is, once again, the favorite.

Iridescent blue eyeshadow
Iridescent blue eyeshadow

The Soft Beauty

This trend lives up to its name; it is clearly minimalist makeup. In response to years of excessive makeup, minimalism is making a comeback! It was popularized by figures like Pamela Anderson, appearing without makeup.

The goal of this trend is simple: to empower women to free themselves from the aesthetic demands they face. The golden rule: less is more. We then opt for a lightly tinted BB cream to unify the complexion. Or, we turn to a glowy foundation for more coverage. Then, we brush our eyebrows to open up the eyes and apply a light pink gloss. The result: a glowy and natural complexion that breathes, ideal for your summer makeup.

With its soft shades, this trend appeals to the it-girls of the moment who prefer a graceful and simple look. The watchword: a falsely natural beauty. This trend is for you if you are looking for simple makeup.

Young woman with natural beauty and a glowing complexion, inspired by clean girl makeup
Young woman with natural beauty and a glowing complexion, inspired by clean girl makeup

The Blush Craze

"Never neglect the blush." This mantra is essential to finalize a look according to the rules of the art.

And yes, if you only have one makeup product to buy for this season, it’s the blush. Ultra-blushed cheeks are very trendy. We saw them everywhere at Fashion Week, and we are quick to copy this beauty look for a fresh complexion. Whether it’s iridescent pink or peach, blush is the ally this summer.

This young woman chooses an easy makeup look by applying peach blush on her cheeks
This young woman chooses an easy makeup look by applying peach blush on her cheeks

Fashionable in the 90s, then has been in the 2000s, blush is back in style. Its intention is to bring color and brightness. It gives a healthy glow and freshness to the face, like a breath of fresh air in the morning. Applied generously, it redefines the face and highlights its structure. You can apply it from the apple of the cheek to the hairline. Result: a glowy and radiant look.

Having become an essential element of beauty looks, blush seduces in all its textures. In powder, with the brand Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, in cream, or in liquid blush, it is to be adopted! The little favorites: jelly blushes, these gel blushes adopted by many stars at the moment, like Selena Gomez. To be applied without moderation…

The Triumphant Return of Lipstick

The era of surgical masks is over. At least, in beauty. It is now time to show your mouth to the world. And what better way than to color your lips? After going through complicated years, red lipstick is making a big comeback. The red mouth symbolizes the end of a sad era and the return of positivity and femininity.

Seen at Valentino, the accentuated red mouth is one of the simplest trends to adopt. For the summer, this make-up gesture is a must. So, don’t hesitate any longer and dare the red!

Liquid red lipstick
Liquid red lipstick

The Black Smoky

The spring-summer 2024 trend will be the smoky with black, smoky, but harmonious eyes. The goal of this trend is to create a gradient of color, of the same tone. It should go from the lightest to the darkest.

Black is the star color, but it is also possible to use brown, chestnut, or plum. These shades offer a more intense look. The result should be diffused and especially not sharp. The secret: blend and fade the colors together. The more the eyeshadows are blended, the more blurred the effect will be, and the prettier the result will be.

The black smoky eye: smudged eyes with a gradient
The black smoky eye: smudged eyes with a gradient

Tip: use a flat brush to apply the color and blend with a round brush. Choosing the right brushes is the solution to successful makeup.

This sophisticated look is inspired by Sophie Marceau in James Bond. It emphasizes boldly made-up eyes, while the rest of the face remains natural and discreet. An ode to female strength, independence, and freedom. With this trend, the stars of makeup are undoubtedly the eyes.

This season, boldness is the watchword. Pink cheeks, blue eyes, defined lips: in spring 2024, let yourself be guided by color and freshness to escape the winter gloom. Confidence, energy, and creativity will be on the agenda. Touches of natural makeup will bring authentic simplicity. Combining strength and softness, glitz and discretion to transition from the gray winter to the light of spring.