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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, The Secret of Their First Breakup

The star couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Cannes

In 2003, the announcement of the separation of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had shocked all of Hollywood. Their story, worthy of a series, ended abruptly, leaving their fans in disbelief. Twenty years later, the veil is finally lifted on the reasons for this sudden breakup in The Greatest Love Story Never Told, broadcast on Prime Video.

The collapse under pressure, that’s how Jennifer Lopez describes the end of their romance. The couple, at the height of their fame, could not withstand the immense media circus around their union. For Ben Affleck, this exaggerated attention to their private life had a devastating impact on their relationship.

The path to reconciliation was long, but healing, allowing each to rediscover themselves independently. Despite the time, their love finally triumphed, leading to a finally happy marriage in 2022.

The Greatest Love Story Never Told offers a more intimate perspective of the famous couple. Available on Prime Video since February 27, this opus offers a reflection on the trials of a couple who eventually find each other again…

The Greatest Love Story Never Told – Official Trailer on Prime Video