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Jade and Joy Hallyday: Desire for the Future

Laeticia Hallyday in the company of her daughters Jade and Joy Hallyday

Joy and Jade Hallyday, the youngest daughters of the late Johnny Hallyday, now live a peaceful existence in California. With 196,000 and 69,000 followers on Instagram, they enjoy a tranquility and freedom that France might not have offered them.

They maintain a strong connection with France, spending their holidays in Saint-Barthélemy, where their father rests. However, their daily life belongs to America. Under the watchful eye of their mother, Laeticia, they are growing up with a certain tolerance that can be seen on social media, one in high school and the other already in university.

Their pain, exposed to the world during their father’s funeral six years ago, has since evolved into strength and carefreeness. Today, they freely talk about their life without Johnny, while remaining deeply attached to his legacy, through his music and memories.

Recently, Jade and Joy opened up about the difficulties they face, particularly regarding prejudices about their adoption. In a moving interview on Sunday, December 10, on TF1, they revealed that they face hateful and racist comments. These hurtful remarks also touch on their adoption, a source of pain when they are reduced to being just the "adopted daughters" of Johnny and Laeticia.

Their relationship with David Hallyday and Laura Smet, Johnny’s older children, is also a delicate subject. Despite promises of unity after their father’s death, ties have loosened, leaving Jade and Joy feeling abandoned and betrayed. The latest news is that Laura is very shocked by her younger sisters’ confessions.

In their Pacific Palisades home, Jade expresses her creativity despite the challenges, demonstrating a strong will to resilience. They face these challenges with courage, seeking to forge their own path, while remaining united in the memory of their father.