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Charles III and Kate Middleton Accused of Racist Remarks

Charles III and his beautiful daughter-in-law Kate Middleton are accused of very serious things

In a shocking revelation, Omid Scobie, the official biographer of the Sussexes, accuses King Charles III and Princess Kate Middleton of making remarks about the skin color of Meghan and Harry’s son, Archie. These allegations come nearly three years after the Sussexes’ interview, where they stated that members of the royal family had expressed concerns about Archie’s complexion.

For a long time, suspicions had been cast on other members of the royal family, notably Princess Anne and Prince Andrew. However, in the Dutch version of his book End of Reign, Scobie points to Charles III and Kate Middleton.

Buckingham Palace has come under fire in response to these allegations. An investigation is underway to clarify the veracity of the statements reported by Scobie. The latter, faced with the magnitude of the controversy, suggested a possible translation error by the publisher, which the publishing house firmly denied.

The situation is complex, both for the accused and the accusers. The Sussexes, according to their staff, are "horrified" and "exasperated" by the book’s revelations, which is said to have been banned in Holland. These accusations risk further complicating the already tense relations within the royal family. The question remains: did Charles III and Kate Middleton really make these remarks, or is this a sensationalist maneuver by the author in the midst of promoting his book?

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