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Marvin Gaye Resurrects in Belgium

The singer Marvin Gaye on the Grand-Place of Brussels

On April 1, 1984, the world said goodbye to soul icon Marvin Gaye, murdered by his own father. Forty years after this tragic disappearance, a musical treasure resurfaces in Belgium, a country where the artist had stayed in 1981. Known for his legendary albums like What’s Going On, Marvin Gaye continues to fascinate and touch generations of fans around the world. The discovery of these unreleased recordings brings a renewal to his already rich work.

Thirty-eight audio tapes containing unknown melodies and Marvin Gaye’s unique voice were found. The artist would have left them to his Belgian hosts, telling them: “I leave all this to you, do what you want with it”. This legacy includes not only stage costumes and notebooks, but also precious musical recordings.

The discovery of these archives arouses considerable enthusiasm among music lovers and genre specialists. However, a legal challenge stands in the way of sharing these works with the public. Indeed, Belgian law on possession does not apply to intellectual property. The holders of the tapes will therefore have to agree with Marvin Gaye’s heirs for these recordings to be published.

The prospect of hearing compositions recorded in the intimacy of his stay in Belgium excites Gaye’s fans. Sexual Healing, one of his greatest hits, had already been recorded in the kingdom, highlighting the creative importance of his Belgian stay in his beautiful career.

The resurgence of these recordings turns a new page in the European history of the martyred artist. It’s a promise to offer soul fans moments of surprises. But the road to the release of these treasures will undoubtedly be strewn with legal hurdles. Despite this, hope remains. The goal is for the world to soon discover these hitherto unknown pieces from the legend Marvin Gaye.