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Will Taylor Swift Soon Bury Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian on the left and Taylor Swift on the right separated by lightning

Kim Kardashian saw her number of followers on Instagram drop by over 100,000 following the release of Taylor Swift’s latest album, titled The Tortured Poets Department. The album contains references to several celebrities including Patti Smith, who was pleased to be mentioned, and Kim Kardashian who could have done without it…

In one of the songs on the album, titled thanK you aIMee, Taylor Swift sends a coded message to Kim Kardashian by capitalizing the letters K, I, and M. The lyrics of this song describe a figure resembling a "bronze statue the color of self-tanner".

The Swifties reacted en masse by unsubscribing from Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account and flooding her comment section with the message "thanK you aIMee". Kardashian remains one of the most followed personalities, with over 360 million remaining followers.

This is not the first time the two stars have been at the center of a controversy. Their feud began in 2016 when Kanye West, then married to Kardashian, made remarks about Swift in a song. Kim defended her husband, claiming that the singer had been warned in advance, which her representatives denied.

For now, Kim Kardashian has not publicly responded. The album continues to spark debates among critics, like the newspaper Télérama, which was not convinced.